Teach 4 Tomorrow

OneNote & Microsoft Teams to the Rescue!


I’ve been suffering from a horrible cold and cough and it got worse last night, which unfortunately resulted in me missing school today. But there is indeed a silver lining in every dark cloud because I got to do an amazing lesson through Microsoft Teams and OneNote to my class while I was comfortably sitting on my bed!

In my school, when a teacher is absent a ‘Relief Teacher’ sits in her place. My students are used to coming into class and login onto Microsoft Teams. Just to make sure things go smoothly, I left word for the relief teacher to instruct my students to login and see my instructions in ‘Converstaions’

I too logged in during their lesson and guided them through the task. What ensued was lively engagement and amazing collaboration even though the teacher was not physically present!

Some of the comments were hilarious and expected from 13 year old’s and it’s those that made me forget feeling sick. As with any class, this one has a few naughty ones who were trying to disrupt the work, but I think we came up with good strategies.

The students had to work on the ‘Collaboration’ space in their ClassNotebook using OneNote. Since everyone was working on the same platform everyone had access to each others work. For me as a teacher, it was wonderful to see the progress of their work as it happened even being miles away from the classroom.

The relief teacher told me that my students were thrilled to be able to communicate with their teacher and told me how amazed she was that a productive lesson occurred even  when I was absent from class.

So, thank you OneNote and Microsoft Teams. You made my day (and my students!)